Support Chetham's

As part of Chetham’s Hospital, which is a registered charity, we promise your gift will support Chetham’s Capital Projects and buildings.


Support Chetham's Library

The Library requires conservation of both its books and buildings, so it remains fit for purpose and a safe environment. Help to preserve this historic library.


Support Chetham's School of Music

Please support Chetham's School of Music to secure the future of the nation's music culture for generations to come.


Stoller Hall Fund

Help support the future of live music. Every gift is very much appreciated. Thank you.


Ukrainian Musicians Match Funding Campaign

Please help us to create life-changing opportunities for talented young musicians from Ukraine and unlock £20,000 in match-funding. We can match £1 for £1 every donation made to this fund, so your donation can have an even bigger impact.


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